SenseNet – What You Said (Fundraiser Download)

From: $2.00


Originally available to all who donated during the Live Fundraising Event broadcast on TWITCH Friday July 3rd 2020 10pm to 2am to benefit The King Center:

100% of all proceeds generated from this song (less transaction fees) go to The King Center, and we encourage you to donate to this cause further if you are so inclined.

THANK YOU to everyone putting in the work that brings safety, sanity and the betterment to our black brothers and sisters. We’ve grown up together, laughed, cried and seen the weirdest $H!T together - you can count on us to stand by you.

Recently SenseNet had a song - for lack of better word - flow out of her, and we want to offer this musical message as a beacon of unity and progress and support to all who will hear it.

To our friends and the immensely talented black artists whose amazing music has bolstered the catalogs of our labels for decades - I’m so glad you’re here with us on this planet! Shouts to Empire-XMC Blak, Gappa G, Tim Reaper, Quentin Hiatus, dLo, Nesium, Macro, Muwookie, Duoscience, Londy!