AMS004 – A1-Voodoo & SenseNet – Thresholds (Island Junglists’ Musings Mix)

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The one and only BOXXXIEEE (two time ARTIST MUSE themselves <3) has gifted one lucky person with the opportunity to be OUR Artist’s Muse JUST FOR BEING A PATRON. Escape Velocity aka A1-Voodoo & SenseNet along with Boxxxieee created a CONTEST that awarded one lucky Escape Velocity Patron an ‘ARTIST MUSE’ tier membership for one month and the experience of being our studio muse!

As the winner, THE ISLAND JUNGLIST contributed his ideas and desires for the ‘feeling’ of a song that A1-Voodoo & SenseNet took in and combined with their own flavor to create AMS004 “THRESHOLDS”!!!!

The music you are downloading for free was created through our collaborative effort with Patreon supporter BOXXXIEEE! In fact; one of our future ‘Artist Muse’ songs could be YOURS! Learn about the ‘Artist Muse’ and other tiers here:

THANK YOU to all of our patrons, to each and every person supporting Jungle & Drum & Bass music around the world to every other ‘creative’ on this planet - We are the dreamers of the dreams!