est. 2020

The subsong label is a passion project by musician SenseNet. The label focuses primarily on electronic ambient enveloped by melodic and somber undertones, combined with rich sound textures and expansive soundscapes to take the listener on a deep and distant journey through unknown worlds.

Essential Subsong Releases

SUBS001 - SenseNet - Maiden Voyage

This was my first time participating in the RPM Challenge of 2020. My goal was to make a space-ambient album. Each track represents a chronological part of a deep space mission to explore distant galaxies, leaving behind everything we know in pursuit of discovery.

SUBS002 - SenseNet - Inside

This album was written during the month of February 2021 during the RPM Challenge 2021. Take an inside look into the sonic musings of SenseNet’s creative process over a 2 week production session in the studio.

The Complete Subsong Catalog

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