TUFF037DUB – The Secret & Stumbling In The Dark

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Straylight Music Group - TUFF LOVE DUBS / Published by: We Are Legion (ASCAP) / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group

TUFF LOVE DUBS Dubplate #3 is HERE - Featuring the crowd choice favorite ‘THE SECRET’!!!!

3rd time around we bring you: THE SECRET & STUMBLING IN THE DARK in the extremely limited (and maximum ever) quantity of TWENTY!

Dubplate #3 / TUFF037, is a very special community effort. Over the course of a month’s time everyone worked together finally culminating in a series of Polls to choose one of the two songs included. From a pool of over 20 cuts THE SECRET was chosen by the crew, and we have paired ‘Stumbling in the Dark’ as it’s counterpart 😀

ALL releases on TUFF from 2020 forward are available ONLY on 10″ Vinyl Dubplate normally in quantities of 10 to a max of 20 copies for certain releases. If you don’t get the dub when it’s cut, that’s that.. Tuff Love.

As many have noticed through the re-launch, there are NO ARTIST NAMES on these releases. This is by design. We’re doing our part to bring back some of the mystery that’s been lost in music of late. If you want to know who made it, start asking around, pay attention to what we might say in the Twitch live shows, hunt for clues in blogs or maybe on a sticker somewhere… In the end all will be known. And while you hunt, the beats on these plates will keep you bubblin!

Every song released on TUFF LOVE DUBS from here on out is a Jungle monster made to rock the dance-floor AND bring the defining sounds of Jungle DnB to your soul. This is going back to the roots with a genuine nod to the golden era. We look forward to letting the music and the format it’s on bring you the joy its meant to - play on crew!

A quick shout to the final ‘vinyl’ format of the Dub’s we’ve chosen to bring to you. We’ve decided on the more robust and long lasting ‘vinyl dubplate’ instead of the traditional lacquer dubplate partly as a result of the devastating loss of Apollo / Transco in March (the only actual ‘acetate’ manufacturer in the world with real capacity is now gone: https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/71906 ) that’s created a global shortage of lacquer blanks - and - from a strong chorus of fans and music lovers who’ve made it clear to us they would prefer a plate they can play hundreds (if not thousands) of times instead of 20 or 30 times at best.