Tuff Love Dubs

est. 2009

Re-birthed in 2020 as a contemporary Jungle Label, ALL Tuff releases from there forward are released on 10" Vinyl Dubplate ONLY in quantities of only 10 or 20 plates per release. Originally formed during the burgeoning days of US dubstep frenzy in 2009, TUFF LOVE DUBS set the tone for much of what US dubstep artists would produce in the years to come. Quickly establishing it'self as a launching pad for some of the biggest names in US dubstep, the label is proud to represent world class talent including: GETTER, SLUGGO, BARE, THE JUGGERNAUT, STATIC FUNCTION, WE BANG, ITCHY ROBOT, BUKEZ FINEZT, BLOKHEAD, CLRH2O, A1 VOODOO, CANO, HULK, GEOFF BUKK, DAVR, WONKAP, G31, THE END IS PART OF THE DANCE, HALO NOVA / VARIEN, PRODUCE AND DESTROY, BONE LOC, ULTRABLACK, LEON, RUMBLE JUNKIE, CRIMES!, DECREE, KING, TOTAL RECALL, REIKA...... and many others!

Essential Tuff Love Dubs Releases

TUFF035DUB - Pathfinder / Breakin'

At long last TUFF LOVE DUBS is reborn in 2020 as a contemporary Jungle Label! 

ALL releases on this newly minted imprint will ONLY be available on 10″ Vinyl Dubplate in quantities of as few as 10 to as many as 20 per initial release. If you don’t get the Dub, that’s that.. Tuff Love.

Starting things out, we present BREAKIN’ & PATHFINDER in the UBER limited relaunch quantity of TEN 10″ Dubplates!

As many have noticed in the lead-up to the re-launch there are NO ARTIST NAMES on these releases. This is by design. We’re doing our part to bring back some of the mystery that’s been lost in music of late. If you want to know who made it, start asking around, hunt for clues in blogs or maybe on a sticker somewhere… In the end all will be known. And while you hunt, the beats on these plates will keep you moving!

Every song released on TUFF LOVE DUBS from here on out is a Jungle monster made to rock the dance-floor AND bring legit musical mood to your soul. This is going back to the roots with a pure nod to the golden era. We look forward to letting the music and the format it’s on bring you the joy its meant to - play on crew!

TUFF029 - Static Function - Retrace / Do You Feel It

Static Function Returnz! Uplifting but haunting, “Retrace” makes the hair on the back of neck stand as Avielle Breen breaks straight through your defenses with her stunning voice and Static Functions’ signature dancefloor storming drumz and face searing synths! It’s equal parts coffee and herb, both directions never felt so nice. And stacking the deck in his favor even further, Adam Crewes-Meyer (aka Static Function) EXPLODES into the B-side with a Drumstep stormer so nasty it could turn ‘Hari Krishna into a badboy’! Melding Dubstep pressure with the 174BPM flavor of Drum & Bass, Static’s ‘DRUMSTEP’ monster “Do You Feel It” is an unstopable titan of dancefloor havoc!

TUFF034 - Bang Bang Remixes Album

One of TUFF LOVE DUBS most successful and celebrated artists returns with a sprawling Multi-Gera remixes EP of his hit single: “BANG BANG”.

Static Function sits upon the throne with the EP’s opening cut, a ruthless VIP Remix of his storming original whose middle section just HAS to be heard on the dance-floor first hand - it’s pure DEVASTATION!

Following suit, 6 completely fresh mixes from artists around the globe covering styles you’d never have imagined fill the floor at any party:

Setting speed on the change-ups and getting the party started is uAnimal’s “Festival Trap Remix” on cut #2 with a straight to the point bass heavy TRAP killer. Then, newcomer A1-Voodoo sets the time machine to way back mode for a 140BPM “Future Jungle” hardcore anthem mix. Next up Tuff Love mainstay Geoff Bukk returns to the darkside and presents a mental “Dark Dub” remix that you’d better be on your Ritalin before hearing! Shifting into 5th gear, DAVR comes in with a 100BPM Drumfunk / Dubstep transition track that’s so ill! We’re huge lovers of the 100bpm funk DAVR brings to the world, and it’s up in the spot heavy here. Closing out the remixes is Sub Pirate’s amped-up-fast-paced DRUMSTEP mix that just cant stop, wont stop make that body rock!

And finally, closing this label changing EP is Static Function’s original, the one that started it all - remastered and polished to perfection for the 2013, and a fresh generation of Dubstep headz everywhere!