TUFF040RMX – Imagine The Future Remixes LP

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℗ Straylight Music Group - © 2022 Tuff Love Dubs / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group

Birthed from the 10″ Vinyl Dubplate Only release of TUFF040 and the astonishing original Vector Burn Remix that we’ve held close to the chest for far long enough, the genesis idea of this LP was born. Following on from the official ‘Imagine The Future 2021 Remix Competition’ that led to… (Hold on, we just have to say again how proud we are of the WINNER of that competition Mr. SomeJerk - he smashed it to bits!) what we find here right now, in all ways this is a historic release for our little contemporary Jungle label!

Notably, we’re so excited to be bringing such a wide cross section of producers to light with this LP. One of the newest ladies of DNB ‘ReDefinition’ brings some serious heat, the very first Native American to join us at SLMG ‘DOjibwe1’ provides a mix of damn fine old school Jump Up that stands tall in the LP, one of the owners of Repertoire Recordings from the UK ‘Ben Repertoire’ and his mate RUNDR (who is seriously on the make at the moment) come cross with a ‘No Amens’ stepper that rolls and rolls and rolls, veteran producer Vector Burn who’s been making some big splashes in the scene as of late provides the deepest cut of the entire LP by far, while ‘Art Cuebik’ who’s been solidifying himself as a new name to know in the world of contemporary Jungle brings us back to that 99 darkness, as Twitch Streamer and new producer ‘Scamcircuit’ gifts everyone with the smoothest interpretation on the release, giving breathing room newcomer ‘Squidfurnace’s arped out non-conventional cut and run mix before Miami native, FL favorite and Signaflo label owner (and winner of our 2021 ‘Imagine The Future Remix Competition) ‘SomeJerk’ proves his musical complexity once again. Finally, SLMG head honcho and label owner A1-Voodoo rounds out things with his special flavor of smooth with the rough for all those spacey amen lovers in the spot.

Topping all that off is the fact that this is the VERY FIRST all-digital catalog entry for TLD2.0 - and - it opens the flood gates for future downloads alongside the Physical 10″ Dubplates that have thus far comprised the entirety of our catalog.

Settle in with us as we roll into 2022 and beyond, we’ve got great things planned for you!