FORCE104 – Antares – Waters Of Europa EP

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℗ Straylight Music Group - © 2021 Force Recordings / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group.

Sci-Fi Amen Drum & Bass has a deep history with Force Recordings, and the inclusion of ANTARES ‘Waters Of Europa EP’ further cements a dedication to the sound. Every song of the 4 are expertly crafted precision breakbeat research through and through. We are proud to welcome long time friend of the label owner and true soldier of the USA Jungle & Drum & Bass scene since the 90’s into the fold.

ANTARES has been on a massive roll the past few years with release after release… and it’s no wonder why the moment you lay your ears on this EP. Pick any song from the release and you’ll be blanketed in lush soundscapes, massive humming and 808 basslines that make a winter room glow warm like a campfire under the bright universe of stars, each bright point a single note of the intricate amen and breakbeat needlework woven into every epic composition. These are the sounds of the future!