FORCE075 – AFLAME – Please Believe EP

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Straylight Music Group - Stepping Forward Records / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group & Symphonic Distribution.

SEVEN YEARS! This EP took a STAGGERING 7 YEARS to complete. From the submission of AFLAME’s now classic but timeless original which was the man’s introduction to FORCE Recordings in 2003, until the final master of GENR8’s absolutely STORMING 2010 remix… 7 years have passed. Within that time, Please Believe has stayed on actual Acetate Dubplate and Digital Exclusive to a small handful of tight lipped A-LIST DJs including A-SIDES, AK1200, DJ SS, JAYBEE, STUNNA, CRAZE, JOHN B, DOM & ROLAND, MASON, D-STAR & TRUST, EVOL INTENT, GRIDLOK, & DARA in one of 5 different forms. It’s survived the transition from Analog DJ’s to Digital DJ’s and weathered the course of many style changes throughout the years - always a breaths length from release.

And now, these massive tracks FINALLY hit the world in the form of our most impressive, most important EP to date, the “Please Believe EP”! 5 Songs covering 7 years of styles and vibes in Drum n Bass; 2003 Original Mix, 2005 Pattern Recognition Mix, 2006 Acoustic Mix, 2008 Metal Mix and GENR8’s UNSTOPABLE, UNFORGETTABLE, DANCEFLOOR MURDERIZING 2010 MIX! All in one place… after all this time!

Respect to the Global DnB Crew - this one is most certainly FOR YOU!