FORCE108 – Vector Burn – Bright Cave / Backlit Void

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℗ Straylight Music Group - © 2022 Force Recordings / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group.


One of America’s original shining lights of Drum & Bass re-awakens! After taking a hiatus from DnB to explore more left-field sonic palates under the aliases ’50 Year Sword” and “Lightning Tree” (both unsurprisingly turning out to be award winning projects in their own rights) and his flourishing career in motion graphics, Oliver Scott aka VECTOR BURN returns home to Force Recordings and Drum & Bass!

Never afraid to forge new ground, and ALWAYS at the cutting edge of audio engineering trickery, his re-debut songs ‘Bright Cave’ and ‘Backlit Void’ are dripping with life and future soundscapes. Once again he proves there are still new places to explore in this wonderful ‘world of music’ we call Jungle / Drum & Bass!

In conversation with the artist himself in May of 2022, Vector Burn recants to me; “I didn’t intend to make a deconstructed sequel to my reconstruction/cover of Newcleus’ ‘Jam On It’. I was just learning to walk again, with regard to Drum & Bass. Given a safe space to rehab, I was piping everything I made to Force Recordings. I ended up seeing the indelible DNA evidence of that song in the new piece ‘Backlit Void’, specifically. And now I’m starting to think it has colored my entire musical body.

The knock alt bassline is a clear signifier of that genius future funk text, with that cold-but-hopeful melodic mode… “(as we talk, VB trails off in this moment, gaze drifting away)” I’m too much of a caveman to know the exact scale. I fell asleep in a glacier 30,000 years ago and woke up in 1992. Your world frightens and confuses me. When I watch Clyde Stubblefield videos on my iPhone, I say to myself ‘what Shaman has shrunken this other tiny shaman and trapped them in this tiny monolith?’ ;D

Anyway, where was I, oh yeah, New Jersey breakdancing electro. The “ahh-ahh”s are pitchy and syrupy in “Backlit Void”, but another clear reference to “Jam On It”. The airy, relatable human perfume. Just as the content and title “Bright Cave” refer in part the igloo of video screens we surround ourselves in - especially locked at home in a pandemic - the title “Backlit Void” refers to the screen abyss, the message board silos, the horror vacui/soothing emptiness of the blank screen.”

Interfacing with Vector Burn is always an invigorating experience, both as a label owner and undoubtedly as a fan of this music we all love so dearly. Most importantly, it’s clear DnB is stronger than ever as artists like Vector Burn continue to bring stunning works such as ‘Bright Cave’ and ‘Backlit Void’ to our ever growing history book of songs!