FORCE106 – SenseNet – We Will Reprogram / Your Were My Ghost

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℗ Straylight Music Group - © 2021 Force Recordings / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group.

After over a year on dub as one of the most anticipated forthcoming releases on Force Recordings, SenseNet’s return to the imprint arrives in the form of ‘We Will Reprogram’ & ‘You Were My Ghost”.

Staying true to her love of storytelling and atmospheric textures, SenseNet’s ‘We Will Reprogram’ is sure to transport listeners to another realm. Her new track continues the tradition of heady 90’s dance music that wasn’t afraid to take its time in order tell an epic story. Starting off the journey with the calm before the storm, you’re led along the way with entrancing slide guitars winding around needle point breaks on top of a warm bed of sub-bass that underpins the first movement of this 10 minute opus. Fan’s of SenseNet’s music will know, however, that it’s all a ruse, and ruffness is coming in a BIG WAY. And just when you think you’ve hit the the heaviest turbulence, at 7 minutes in she drops 32 bars of pure drum ‘n bass indulgence, leaving you breathless at the drop! Fans of ‘We Will Reprogram’ who’ve been bubbling for its release need wait no longer.

Moving from strength to strength, ‘You Were My Ghost’ on the flip backs up the release with more of what SenseNet’s known for; Storytelling. One of her greatest assets as a producer is her ability to envision a theme, weave vocal samples into a complex story and then build a structure of complex breakbeats, emotional pads, strings and atmospheres around that theme. Here you’re taken on an emotional trip that slowly builds from the very beginning, getting more and more intense with each bar, culminating in a beautiful ambient breakdown. But she won’t let you settle in for too long, shaking your headspace after the drop with her trademark complex drum programming and poignant vox samples.

Looking back on her still fresh and developing body of work it’s songs like these that help cement this lady’s spot amongst some of the brightest Jungle & DnB producers in the game today!