FORCE096R – Airstrike – The Remixes

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Straylight Music Group - © 2020 Force Recordings / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group.

Following on from Airstrikes blazing 2019 releases, top tier producer ACID_LAB and SenseNet step into the arena with remixes of the mans Sci-Fi hardstepper tour de force ‘Photons’ and the rolled out ‘Limerence’.

Acid_Lab turns up the dance floor intensity of Airstrike’s Photons with a Dillinja inspired hardstep rinse out that is 4000% energy! “It staaaaarts like this…” Rude bass, storming beats and an amen workout in the midpoint of the tune that’s simply perfect.

And on the flip, scene newcomer SenseNet flexes her production muscles with a deeply introspective and inspired take on ‘Limerence’ that brings the original vibe so far left field it’s almost completely re-imagined. SenseNet’s twist-up brings new organic beats, immensely lush pads and sonic textures running throughout and a room vibrating sub that warms the entire experience from end to end. This is Sci-Fi Drum & Bass!

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