STEP005 – MSDOS, State Logic, Champagne & Motta – The Need In Me / Maiko

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Straylight Music Group - Stepping Forward Records / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group

Arguably Stepping Forward’s strongest single release to date; Motta, Champagne, MSDOS & State Logic ALL come ‘cross with stunning work in the form of “The Need In Me / Maiko”. Both of these songs are A-cut level material and making the rounds with all the major players in the world of Liquid right now. MSDOS’s material in particular is being bigged up by the one and only LTJ Bukem in nearly ever set he plays these days.

Brazilian Motta teamed up with Canada’s Champagne to craft the beautifully lush “The Need In Me” during the summer of 2010 out of a mutual desire for strong female vox washed across rolling Drum n Bass, and “The Need In Me” brings exactly that to the table! Incredibly warm Rhodes Piano play back and forth between complex lines of violins and heavily reverbed efx while sharp breaks and an amazing female vox roll along with the wash of warm summertime bass! And at the same time, Greece’s own MSDOS and State Logic take their turn with an amazing 2-step roller of expertly controlled muted Amens (under sterling programmed drums) that cruise along with twinkling chords and the most gorgeous breakdown you’ve heard in years!

These songs are pure class, each one keeps the energy up but the vibes smooth and both are yours to rock the room with!