FORCE098 – Acid_Lab – Say Amen / Relentless

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℗ Straylight Music Group - © 2019 Force Recordings / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group.

Acid_Lab is a prolific producer that’s been causing a stir in the Jungle and Drum & Bass world the past few years. His sound is so carefully tuned into the texture and style of the golden era it wouldn’t be a stretch to think he’s an old head using a new alias to spice things up! All of this, of course, is a huge appreciation for the man’s skills in the studio. Label boss A1-Voodoo welcomes his debut to FORCE with a stunning pair of songs featuring a callback to both the 90’s and 2000 eras in the form of ‘Say Amen’ and ‘Relentless’.

‘Say Amen’ is a slowed down 165bpm number that sits right in the pocket for what an Amen track should be. Saturating bass that vibrates for ages and winds the waist, alongside complex drums that excite the mind and force the feet onto the dance-floor. There’s a tinge of darkness here, but only a whiff… just enough to let you know something real is approaching and you need to cue into it. This is a constant in Acid_Lab’s works, a solid consistent level of quality that deeply knowledgeable lovers of Jungle and Drum & Bass can count on.

Switching over to the flip with ‘Relentless’, the clock moves forward a bit into the early 2000’s styles championed by Dylan, Loxy and Digital. It has a been a long time since these paths have been wandered, and for the new heads it’s a breath of fresh air on sounds that stalk through the speakers and burrow into your head. This time around its ALL about the B-Line and the Stabs. This is bass-face head nodder territory from start to end!