FORCE095 – Airstrike – Deduction / Well Well

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Straylight Music Group - © 2018 Force Recordings / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group.

Airstrike is an enigma. At once both a very real force in the DnB scene at large and a closely guarded secret to those lucky enough to play the man’s music. Balancing the art of a producer and the burgeoning presence of a globe trotting DJ, his works have covered an immense stretch of creative ground over the past half decade since bursting onto the Global Drum & Bass landscape. His early Force Rec and Offworld singles signaled a trend of experimentation and a willingness to change styles on a dime if that’s what his vision calls far.

Fast forward to today; fresh off the heels of his live appearance at the 19 Years of Force Recordings label anniversary party in the United States and a month long tour of the Asia Pacific rim with a highlight performance at the Shenzen Outlook Festival Launch… The man who’s become known as ‘Mr. Holdout’ within the scene for his vast library of completed but unreleased music, has decided to come off of two closely guarded stripped down Amen cuts for his long overdue return to Force.

These songs are a dichotomy. Both are examples of Airstrike’s early sound and a rally against his own trademark strings heavy and emotionally vibed later works. ‘Deduction’ in particular hones in on the power that can be created in the right hands with a single Drum sample and just the right Bass stab. Adding in his sprinkling of perfectly selected extra’s and you get what most producers strive for but rarely achieve: Perfection in simplicity.