Tuff Love Dubs

2021 Remix Competition


Watch the final LIVE right here:

 ‘Ideas brought to life, songs of the unknown reborn in the hands of new producers’.. Remixes of Dubplate Only TLD releases brought to the world through the 1st official TUFF LOVE DUBS remix competition.

Sign Up and Submissions period ran from Monday April 12th 2021 and closes with final submissions due by 12am Est Friday May 7th 2021. | First stage judging has begun and will continue through 3 stages culminating with the public live stream to choose the final winner on Thursday June 24th 2021 broadcast LIVE on Twitch right here: https://twitch.tv/escape_velocity_official

We have chosen the song ‘Imagine The Future’ from our forthcoming catalog for the competition!

All competition producers find themselves in good company alongside widely respected veteran producer Vector Burn who was initially tapped for the label’s first officially revealed remix of this song. As members of this year’s contest you get to hang your hats alongside the ‘unknown’ original producer and Vector Burn himself on your path toward the win and exclusive release on the label!

Judges for this year’s 2021 competition are: Label owner A1-VOODOO & world renowned DJ / Producer JAYBEE!

WINNERS of this 2021 competition will receive:

01) A Special One-Off cut of the Original Song and their Remix on a colored 10″ Dubplate

02) An official digital release on the label distributed worldwide

03) A small cash prize

What led to the creation of this remix comp?

For quite some time SenseNet and I (A1-Voodoo aka CLRH2O) had been talking about something fun to do that would add to the story of the newly re-launched TUFF LOVE DUBS Dubplate passion project.

As you already know, original releases of the music on the reborn imprint are only found on the ultra limited edition 10″ Dubplates (with only the song names provided, leaving the mystery of the artists to be discovered by those willing to hunt for it). In addition to that, some of you might also be aware that I am expanding the footprint of TLD to include remixes of these original Dubplate Only drops, and those will be available Digitally (and maaaaybe also on Dubplate… haven’t quite figured that part out yet, but it’s a possibility). These more widely available digital releases tell who made the remix and will reach a much larger audience worldwide.

And so, following the vibe of bringing this unique project to a wider audience, the official 2021 Tuff Love Dubs remix competition was born.


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