TUFF009 – Decree – Slash / Simply Sound



Straylight Music Group - Stepping Forward Records / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group & Symphonic Distribution.

DECREE is firing on all cylinders right now. Coming to TUFF LOVE hot on the heels of a string of stormer’s on BassPunch Records, Savory Audio and Stupid Fly - he’s in the house with two FILTHY tunes “Slash & Simply Sound”. Decree is a name you know, although for many as Dylan Marcus the owner of long running FLIGHT Recordings, a mainstay of the DnB realm. And while His Drum n Bass label brings it right up the middle with Proper Technical DnB - the man’s Dubstep is ANYTHING BUT right up the middle. You know how some people are into light rock? Say for example, Coldplay or Radiohead, whose genres encompass funeral music and what bird flu would sound like if it had a voice? Anyway, those people probably don’t like death metal, and although it stretches really far from the rock category, it’s still guitar strings aren’t they? What I’m trying to say here is, if Rusko, Caspa and Doctor P are to Dubstep as Coldplay is to Rock - then Decree is to Dubstep as Cannibal Corpse is to Death Metal. If you haven’t heard of Cannibal Corpse, its something along the lines of: $^&##@DFKI!#^$!KL: It’s a whole new era for dubstep, the grimey, filthy, dirty and insane side of dubstep the dark side. If you’ve already clicked play then you’ve already crossed over; welcome, Decree is watching >:D