TUFF007 – Bukez Finezt – Buckshot / Hey!



Straylight Music Group - Stepping Forward Records / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group & Symphonic Distribution.

Bukez Finezt returns to TuffLoveDubs with the f’n DANGER!

“Buckshot” and “Hey” are undeniable dance floor murderers through and through. Buckshot starts out with a solid lead-in kick sequence and low tempered backing atmosphere that ramps up with a stabby electric guitar finally dropping into the tunes namesake “BU BU BU BU BUCKSHOTS THROUGH THE SPEAKER!” And it’s all ruckus from there! A super thick subby bassline backs the classic Bukez wobble mid-range lead-synth and snaps everyone to attention throughout the entire tune. This is world class sh!t, make no mistake. And “HEY” comes cross with a must hear Disco-House mutated with Dubstep rollout that’s a first for DUSBTEP. But when the playful intro ends, it is ALL BIZZ. And like “Buckshot” on the flip, “HEY” simply BLAZES the sound system at the drop. Total ruckus, trash cans flying across the club style and the whole place is up on FIRE

Bukez’s tunes are in the hands and on the decks of major players in the Dubstep scene right now like MRK1, ITCHY ROBOT, LEON, SLUGGO, CLRH2O, KANO, TOTAL RECALL, HULK and more, and now that the man is back with his second outing, its proof positive once again that Bukez is Germanys ‘finezt’ dubstep engineer - BLAOW!!!