TUFF001 – Ultrablack & Adam John – OneKut



Straylight Music Group - Stepping Forward Records / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group & Symphonic Distribution.

Tuff Love Dubs presents their first release ‘OneKut’ featuring three delectable Dubstep tracks from Adam John and Ultrablack. Kicking it off proper, Ultrablack steps up with two fresh cuts - ‘Bong Ripz’ cleverly incites stoner humor and a ride of heavy bass surging over tight bongo drums. ‘One Kut’ kicks in with whipping snares and rolling edgy bass, dark tones with warm aggressive low octaves creating a rhythm sure to keep dance floors dripping with sub bass and sweat. Lastly is Adam John’s ‘Wander’ a deep, melodic and lush track with alluring and progressive drums and smooth sub bass seduction. A pleasantly surprising and enticing release, keep an eye on Tuff Love Dubs for more sonically superior tunes to come.