Labels: Force Recordings

Castor (Keith Ross) began pursuing production and dj endevours back in ’97. Being rooted in hip hop and down-tempo, he started out working more on turntablism and slower bpm tracks . He was introduced to drum and bass by a friend, and soon got the itch. He and then partner in crime Simpplex started releasing darker, dance-floor aimed tracks on a small Phoenix based record label. Receiving support from well known U.S. djs he was inspired to push his abilities in the studio and take it as far as he could. Making a name for himself as a dj in the U.S. was another catalyst for his ever climbing goals and aspirations. Castor has played both coasts as well held residencies in his local scene. His release “Emily” on John B’s label, Nu Electro got the buzz going around the world from dnb heads to electro fans. The ever versatile producer has made everything from liquid, to dark, to minimal, to electro, to heavy dancefloor killers, as well as other non dnb projects. Along the way Castor teamed up with another Phoenix producer Vector Burn (Oliver Scott). Their collaborations have been sought after by numerous record labels and played by the most well known djs. In ’05 they gave their project a name “The Riot”. Their music is politically charged and suited for a high energy dancefloor setting. The Riot’s releases were found on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Force Recordings, Beta Recordings, Barcode, Habit Recordings, Vibez Recordings.