Help us become the USA's next Dubplate Cutting House!

We’re currently in the process of securing the initial $10,000 needed in order to purchase and supply a bespoke Record Cutting Lathe. These new technology devices, circa 2003 to today, are able to cut DIRECT to Blank Records in the same way that acetate / dubplate lathes from the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s cut to ‘Master Discs’ for the vinyl pressing process. Except NOW you can skip the entire pressing part and go direct to plate in one process!

We had previously been cutting plates with the help of Henry @ Dubstudio UK for our ‘Tuff Love Dubs’ imprint that you already know and love. Sadly however, Dubstudio has changed business models and we are now planning to bring the entire cutting process IN-HOUSE with your help and support!