TUFF030 – Itchy Robot – We Bounce EP feat. Skamma Don & CLRH2O



Straylight Music Group - Stepping Forward Records / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group & Symphonic Distribution.

Itchy Robot came to TUFF LOVE DUBS right at the formation of the imprint with a set of tunes so INTENSELY ‘Itchy’ that their sound largely defined the direction of TUFF for the following year. At the time “Screaming Fukkface” was every bit as bold as it’s name, and in the period of time between his introduction and this return, Itchy Robot has literally exploded across the scene. He’s grown in the Dubstep genera from a producer that the inside track DJs know and play to a powerhouse touring DJ and Producer that EVERYONE in Dubstep (and now many in Dub Reggae as well) knows!

So, riding right in on the heels of his first full length release with Jacky Murda entitled “Jamaica”, the Robot returns to TUFF LOVE DUBS with one of the most sought after Itchy Robot tracks of ALL TIME…. “We Bounce” Feat. Skamma Don is a Dubstep ANTHEM featuring Skamma’s infections vocals getting the room in full on sing-along mode every single time its dropped! And it’s such such SUCH an Itchy Robot tune! Which is to say his distinctive one of a kind sound makes it a sure fire in EVERY set EVERY time!

Also coming along for the ride on the return trip is TUFF LOVE DUBS label boss CLRH2O with a blast from the past ‘arcdore flavored remix of Itchy’s “When I Was Young”. CLRH2Os remix pays homage to the hardcore sounds of the early 1990’s that defined a generation of producers, Djs, clubbers - The sound of hardcore breakbeat that over the years morphed into Jungle, then DnB and finally back again to Dubstep. And closing out the EP after the original “When I was Young” is another of Itchy’s long awaited bits “The Sun”, a female vocal laden trip into a bleeps heaven of the mixed up styles of the Itchiest of Robots!