TUFF012 – Static Function – Bang Bang EP



Straylight Music Group - Stepping Forward Records / Published by: We Are Legion ASCAP / Distributed by: Straylight Music Group & Symphonic Distribution.

Static function is one of the most interesting new names on the lips of Dubstep fans right now. Hailing from Brighton UK his new release for influential and highly respected Tuff Love Dubs looks set to bring the main squarely into the spotlight. Recently Sluggo tapped Static to do some remixes of the new producers work, and the time was right for an EP to expose this fresh new Dubstep producer to the world in true Tuff Love Dubs fashion! The enormous accomplishments of newly minted Tuff Love Dubs throughout 2010 are accented at years’ end by the inclusion of Static Function and his “BANG BANG EP”… Watch the ride, it’s a big one!

With many people wondering about the story behind this release, here it is from the artist himself: “When you walk into a club and hear that one tune drop that just sets the crowd off, you know you are not only hearing a great track, but one that works really well in a club environment; its that wow moment. That moment allows you to focus on being away from everything else in the day and start having a good time. I’ve been listening to Dubstep for some time now and recognize that the best tunes, the ones that sound really great on the dance floor have intricate production distilled down into songs that don’t sound all that complex. It’s a balancing act and in the production of this EP I knew if I worked hard on the details but followed the ideal that the best dance-floor tunes don’t make the listener do calculus to *get it*, I might produce songs people could really enjoy. To be clear, its not about following trends; its about trying to add to the style of songs I feel are at the forefront of Dubstep ;D”